David A. Millett provides a broad array of furnishings and ideas to design choices. Utilizing an extensive resource library his showroom affords access to furniture, lighting, wall coverings, flooring, accessories and one of a kind art.

During a consultation customers and clients are encouraged to share their perception and concepts, which allows David and his highly qualified team to execute the facets of design. Whether it’s a residential project or commercial; altering a floor plan or augmenting a room; adding lighting or changing fabrics, David and his colleagues seamlessly coordinate the transition of a space.

As a specialist in custom home furnishings, David A. Millett carries well known labels as well as smaller, boutique brands; the 30,000 square foot Dana Ave. showroom in Hyde Park, hosts a unique variety of furnishings arranged in room vignettes to help clients visualize the potential of home decor. The goal of David A. Millett is to produce great interiors that blend a variety of styles. From contemporary to traditional, and from antiques to the ultramodern, David A. Millett offers something for every client’s taste, style and design goal.

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